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About Pilates Props

This site was designed to give props to pilates practice and practical  innovations, offering information about classic and contemporary pilates methods and specific reviews on the many tangible props used in pilates to add variety and versatility to workouts. Diverse pilates props, apparatus and equipment are essential and significant elements of pilates practice.  They are essential because they make pilates practice accessible to everyone and success more attainable.  They are significant because without them you would have just the very beginnings of the pilates method which would consist of a little more than a sequence of calisthenic exercises done on a mat.

As a pilates practitioner and somatic facilitator I understand the function and value of the many diverse pilates props, apparatus and equipment that I use everyday to assist and challenge my clients in private lessons as well as individual participants in my group classes. However, despite the current popularity of pilates and the recognition it has gained over recent decades many people are still quite new to the practice and unfamiliar with the potential of this amazing exercise form.  Many of my students are just beginning to learn the basic pilates principles and they are sometimes overwhelmed by all there is to think about and all they must remember to do.  Fortunately, various pilates props and equipment make their kinesthetic journey a little bit easier, but knowing which props to use and how to use them is not always so clear.   So I have created this site to inform and educate enthusiastic pilates participants about the myriad exercise options using pilates props, apparatus and equipment.
As a pilates professional I understand the need to keep up with the latest research and techniques in pilates methodology and movement practice using the best equipment options possible.  I believe in pilates as both a therapeutic modality that can nurture injured bodies back to health as well as an extraordinary method for obtaining impressive fitness results both of which can be enhanced with the effective use of diverse props; bands, rollers, circles and balls as well as more elaborate equipment like reformers, trapeze tables (also called cadillacs), chairs, arcs and barrels. I am passionate about both the healing power and longevity that can be achieved through pilates workouts that are bolstered with diverse props, supportive, body contouring apparatus and highly technical refining equipment.  I have a pilates studio where I practice daily and instruct dedicated individuals of diverse livelihoods.   All the items I review and recommend on this site are products I use regularly and know the value of.   On the following pages is a repertoire of everything I recommend from small props and larger pieces of pilates equipment to books, music and dvds that can assists you in your creative adventures, both your personal and professional pursuits learning, practicing and teaching pilates.

May you find your joy practicing pilates!


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